The goal of MD420 is to raise the bar on the awareness of natural phytobiotic therapies like medicinal cannabis to licensed medical practitioners in Texas – and back it up with clinical proof. MD420 is taking the lead to clear the air in the smokey world of cannabis so doctors and their patients can form their own educated opinions and medical decisions based on proven research, safety profiles and clinical efficacy.



Why MD420 — As more states add to the ever growing “green list” for legalizing medical cannabis, the marijuana movement is quickly outpacing the medical profession’s understand- ing of it. In a study published in the fall of 2017, researchers found that fewer than 10% of the medical schools included medical marijuana in their curricula. Two-thirds of medical school deans reported that their graduates “were not at all prepared to prescribe medical marijua- na,” and a quarter reported that their graduates “were not at all prepared to answer questions about medical marijuana.” Even more concerning, the survey demonstrated that almost 90% of physicians in the final stages of their training felt they weren’t prepared to prescribe medi- cal marijuana, and more than one-third felt they were not able to accurately answer questions about it. Almost 85% reported receiving no education about medical marijuana during medical school or residency. This means there is a huge gap between “what doctors actually know” vs “what doctors should know”; especially in a state like Texas.


LoneStar Medtech Xantho + Cannabis.mp4 from Matt Atwood on Vimeo.