Dr. Jude Espinoza-Managing Partner of TexMed Ventures and an Advocate of Natural Alternative Healthcare Solutions

Name: Jude Espinoza, MD
Specialty: Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Medi- cine
Undergraduate: Texas A&M University
Medical School: UT Health Science Center SA Residency: Internal Medicine, University of AR Cardiology Fellowship: University of Florida

Experience & Recognition:

• Forensic Medicine, FBI (1994-1995)
• Aeronautics Occupational Medicine, Cape Canaveral Hospital, NASA Space Shuttle Program (1997-1998)
• Physician Consultant of the Year, Baptist Hospital System (2001, 2004)
• Nix Hospital Chief of Staff, 2004
• Chief of Cardiology, Metropolitan (2003-2004)
• Co-Founder, TexSan Heart Hospital, (2005)
• Chief of Cardiology, Southeast Baptist
Hospital (2000-2007)
• President, American Heart Association (2007-2009)
• San Antonio Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars, 2005
• Texas Cavalier

Dr Jude Espinoza is a product of San Antonio’s West Side; he attended Central Catholic High School and at an early age found success through sports and academics. While at Texas A&M, he majored in Biomedical Science. After college, he followed his passion for helping others and attended medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio. It was during his Internal Medicine residency training at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where he found his calling for cardiology.

It was in Little Rock, Arkansas, 1994-1995 that Dr. Espinoza worked as a physician for the FBI. During his cardiology fellowship at the University of Florida, he was a regular member of the medical staff at Cape Canaveral where he participated in NASA’s Space Shuttle program.

In 1998, Espinoza began his private practice 6 in San Antonio, and has garnished numerous accomplishments and accolades including being

named two time Physician Consultant of the Year, Former Nix Hospital Chief of Staff, Chief of Cardiology for the Metropolitan and Southeast Baptist Hospital and a Past President of the American Heart Association. In 2005, he was the recipient of San Antonio Business Journal’s 40 under 40 Rising Stars.

Dr. Espinoza is the Managing Partner of TexMed Ventures. He met with Matt Atwood, President of LoneStar Life Sciences and Atwood told him all about what he was doing with hops for beer and hops for healthcare. At first, Dr. Espinoza could not believe the studies that had been done on hops, a sister plant to cannabis, and the positive results in terms of an alternative to traditional medicine. They decided to make introductory videos highlighting the plan to develop grow facilities with LoneStar AgriTech, then make natural phytobiotic therapy products with LoneStar MedTech showing numerous benefits and research data.

“I told Matt that I had a lot of doctor friends that wanted to get in on this, but there was no vehicle at that time to invest into LoneStar Life Sciences,” explains Espinoza. “We talked about it and came up with TexMed Ventures as a separate ‘doctors only’ investment company so that other like-minded physicians could get involved on this ground floor opportunity.” TexMed Ventures was born with the goal to recruit physicians that strongly believed in helping design and promote alternative plant based medicines.

Espinoza explains, “Medicine is changing. Pharmaceutical drugs are not fulfilling their promise to be the answer to American healthcare. In fact, the opioid epidemic is a prime example of how pharmaceutical drugs are now a major cause of the problem.” Espinoza then reveals “We are looking for natural alternatives that we could share with our patients and help them achieve the best quality of life possible.“

Natural Alternatives are desperately needed in healthcare. “There needs to be more options for patients with chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiology, stroke, Alzheimer’s and pain management. I want my patients to follow my advice and encourage an open line of communication between doctors and patients. I want to know if they are on alternative therapies already.”

Some traditional therapies are more dangerous than the disease itself, such as chemotherapy for cancer. New research has recently mentioned that more people die from chemo than they do from cancer these days, and that needs to stop, especially with all of the promising research coming out for hops and cannabis being viable non-toxic alternatives for effective treatment for so many conditions. “We need to not only treat the symptoms, but we need to focus on treating the cause.”

He cited CBD, Xanthohumol, Hops, Stem Cell, Bioidentical Hormones, Peptide Therapy, and gradually adding THC and medicinal marijuana to the list as state law permits these alternative therapies for patients. Inflammation is a component in almost all of these diseases and I firmly believe that whatever works for the patient, they should be allowed to use that form of treatment. Xanthohumol and cannabinoids are highly potent anti- inflammatory agents that treat almost every chronic disease across the board. There are too many side effects with synthetic big pharma medications, so I am emphasizing the following. Why not try the alternatives? What’s the harm? Cannabis is less addictive and less toxic than many pharmaceutical drugs, so why is there such a fear from politicians? Why do they think they should be the gate-keepers to alternative medicines? Where are their medical degrees? Again, if natural alternatives work for my patients, then we as physicians should be able to provide them to our patients. Politicians are not doctors.”

Today, patients are far more educated on cannabis and are giving their doctors guidance on alternative treatments because too many physicians do not have the time to venture out of their medical training and get into the alternative healthcare arena, and there are no legitimate training options. “With our own training program, Texas doctors and pharmacists could be certified by the LoneStar Life Sciences Academy for the State of Texas and could prescribe cannabis through a certified pharmacy. That model already exists. We don’t need to recreate the wheel.”

“As for traditional drugs, pharmaceutical reps educate physicians about new drugs on the market and this is a major source of our education on traditional medical treatments,” details Dr. Espinoza. “There are no medical cannabis reps running around teaching us about cannabis, so it’s our responsibility to find information to learn on our own – which we don’t have time to do. With LoneStar, we want to train, educate and certify physicians so they are knowledgeable, comfortable, and confident with alternative medicine. Doctors need access to this information and that is what we are in the process of doing. With MD420 expanding awareness, physicians can read the magazine and learn what is available.”

For now, the emphasis for LoneStar Life Sciences and TexMed Ventures is on Xanthohumol (XN), and then Hemp based CBD when Texas politicians get out of the way and let doctors practice medicine. There are absolutely no legal restrictions on XN and there is a plethora of studies supporting this compound. Dr. Espinoza says, “Xanthohumol may even be more effective than cannabis in treating certain ailments. There are no negative perceptions about it like there is with cannabis; it’s not hallucinogenic, and in my field of cardiology, it has proven to reduce bad cholesterol LDL by 80 percent and increase HDL by 28%. Other studies show it has the potential to kill over 60 different cancers, drops insulin requirements in diabetics by 23%, and help potentially lose up to 20% body fat and more. The opportunities right now for a new line of healthcare is upon us.”

This is the beginning of what is a real opportunity in the healthcare field. “These alternative treatments are available, proven to be safe, and non-toxic.” Dr. Espinoza concludes, “There are a lot of chronic diseases out there. There are other forms of therapy as I discussed, and I would love to get this message out to physicians and their patients as soon as possible. It’s all about what works for the patient, and if it works, then we have found some really great alternative healthcare solutions. And if you ask me, it’s about time!”

If you are a medical professional and looking at being an “early adopter” for medical phytobiotics like hops and hemp, check out www. TexMedVentures.net and leave your name, email and phone number.

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